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Welcome to the Roswell Community Masjid’s Season of Giving, a time blessed by Allah’s mercy and generosity!

In this blessed season, let us reflect on the countless blessings bestowed upon us by Allah, the Most High, and extend our hands in charity to support our beloved masjid. Your contributions, regardless of their size, directly aid in preserving our sacred space, providing valuable educational programs, and facilitating spiritual growth for all who seek it.

We are grateful for your unwavering dedication to our community’s core values. Your acts of kindness and generosity enable us to continue our mission of selfless service and outreach, ensuring that the Roswell Community Masjid remains a shining beacon of faith and hope for all.

Together, let us strive to build a stronger and lasting masjid, one that will serve as a sanctuary for future generations to experience the divine presence of Allah.

Donation Buttons
$1,000 Your donation will help to cover operational expenses.
$500 Your donation will go towards covering HR expenses.
$250 You can help with educational programming.
$100 Your donation can help towards refreshments for events.
$50 Your donation will cover paper products for events.
$25 Your donation will go towards snacks for childcare.