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Imam Ibrahim holds a Bachelors’s degree in Shariah from the Islamic University of Madinah, along with a Bachelors’s in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina—Charlotte. He brings a wealth of knowledge in both secular and religious education. In addition to his double bachelors, Imam Ibrahim holds Ijaza in Hafs and Ijazas in the six books of Hadiths.

In his previous experience as an Imam, Ibrahim led prayers, nightly lectures, and classes in Tafsir, Arabic, and Quran. He delivered weekly Jummah khutbas, planned fund-raising activities, and gave keynote speeches at multiple community-wide events. Moreover, he has extensive experience in establishing strong relationships with other Masajid in the community. Imam Ibrahim has led Taraweeh at multiple masjids in North Carolina, New Jersey, and the New York area. He has also done many programs for those communities, such as fund-raising for multiple community projects, organizing halaqas geared towards youth development, sisters-only events and talks, Jummah khutbas, Arabic and Quran classes, and coordinating youth activities.

Imam Ibrahim can be reached at