Concept Plan

Roswell Community Masjid is a Faith-Based Muslim organization serving the North Fulton community and is looking to relocate to the subject property.

The guiding principle for project development:

Serving the Congregation:
The development will provide quality functional spaces that inspire and serve community members of all ages providing a family-friendly experience. Our goal is to mirror the neighborhood feel with 50,000 square feet of building space and outdoor recreational areas.

Serving the Community:
The development will be aimed at enhancing the area providing value to the neighborhood. It will reflect RCM’s tradition of being part of the larger Roswell community upholding the values of sustainable growth, conservation of green spaces by preserving specimen trees, using non-permeable parking surfaces, and supporting a strong social fabric based on social justice and strong families

Serving God:
By offering quality experience professional services, by honoring the neighbors, and by preserving as much of the natural beauty of the site as practical.

Key Points:

Tree Replacement plans were submitted as part of the rezoning application. RCM is fully committed to the replacement or compensation of all removed healthy trees

The development will be used mostly for congressional prayers, which occur midday on Fridays., and
The Traffic study submitted to the City details the impact and the analysis pre-development and post-development. Overall, the development is projected to have a minimal effect on traffic.

The plan was developed with a specific emphasis on minimizing impervious surfaces. A mix of green spaces, bio-retention stormwater systems, pervious pavers, and green parking areas are designed to minimize the impact on water quality and preserve the natural features and topography of the land.