VISION99 is RCM’s vision to enable our community to create an anchor to serve Allah and his creation for generation after generation.

1. It is not a 5-year or a 10-year vision, but it is a 99-year vision.

2. To actualize this vision our community has activated a facility search committee to identify the best potential opportunities in the north Fulton area.

3. RCM will periodically hold townhall meetings to keep the community informed about progress.

The immediate goal of the search is to identify facility solutions that enable RCM to continue to offer quality programming and services to the growing community. The long-term goal is to create opportunities for growth and expansion in the future for generation after generation.

Please be part of this true visionary initiative. Let’s build this legacy Project

For anyone seeking to learn more about RCM, Muslims, or Islam, my door is always open. I encourage you to contact me, either via email at, or book an appointment on my calendar.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime, and I look forward to seeing you at RCM soon!

Wasalam Alaikum,
Arshad Anwar
RCM Resident Imam