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We need your help!!!

The health crisis we are in, coupled with the approach of the blessed month make a great opportunity for us as a community to come together and support each other.

RCM would like to facilitate the community support in two ways.

1. We are dedicating the sadaqa fund to help every local family in need during these unusual times. Many community members’ income may have been affected by the crisis.
We ask everyone if you know any local community members in need, please contact me directly and we will direct the sadaqa funding to support those needs in the best way we can.

2. At the same time we are asking everyone to contribute to the sadaqa fund to her/his capacity. We have a generous community and Ramadan is the best time to be generous.

Please take advantage of this time to make the extra contribution at this critical time.
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Maher Budeir
Executive Director